L'economia 'silver' a Catalunya

It is a reality that the population is aging at a very fast pace, whether globally Japan, Germany and Italy are the countries with the highest population rate of +65 years and it is projected that in 2050 around 25% of the population will be over 55 years old; at European level during the next 65 years the population pyramid will be inverted, with the age bracket between 20 and 59 being the most affected, while the population of +65 will multiply; in Catalonia it is estimated that 30% of the population will be over 65 in 2050. This aging of the population presents different possibilities in the silver sector and consequently an opportunity for economic growth.

This report understands the silver economy as the generation of economic opportunities derived from the aging of the population and its specific needs from 55 years of age. It is affirmed that these existing needs are related to three main areas of aging: sensory, cognitive and physical, causing a segmentation and business opportunities of the silver economy in areas of health, quality of life, assistance and active life. We encourage you to read the report and study the global trends in the sector related to technology, medical devices, brain fitness, sports practices, mobility, electronic health and health apps.

Link: http://www.accio.gencat.cat/ca/serveis/banc-coneixement/cercador/BancConeixement/silver_economy_catalunya