Why this Project?

The territorial area SUDOE will have the oldest population in Europe by 2050. In view of the aging of its population and the increased need for products / services adapted to the needs of the elderly, it will have to promote:

  • Adapted responses in terms of health and maintaining the autonomy of seniors (especially in SUDOE rural areas)
  • The access of its companies to the market opportunities of the Silver Economy.

The ICT4SILVER project aims to provide the SUDOE territory with answers to these challenges.

The project will meet the needs expressed in the 5 main fields of application of the Silver Economy (Health and Medico-Social, Autonomy of Persons and Home Maintenance, Habitat and Urbanism, Transport and Mobility, Prevention of Aging) with the innovation potential brought by mapped generic key technologies from ICT (such as sensors, software solutions, big data, internet of objects).

On this basis, ICT4SILVER will offer to accompany thirty or so SMEs in 5 SUDOE regions to help them accelerate the introduction of innovative products / services integrating ICT technologies in applications designed to extend the independence of the elderly (mobility aid, remote monitoring).

One of the highlights of the project will be to compare the solutions implemented by the selected SMEs in experimental environments in direct contact with target users (seniors and health professionals, family caregivers, medico-social services) within living-labs of the ICT4SILVER network.

The Lead Partner –Agence de Développement et d’innovation de la Nouvelle-Aquitaine (FR) and the 8 partners –Autonom’Lab (FR), Home Care Lab (ES), KIMbcn (ES), Tecnalia (ES), GAIA (ES), Associação TICE.PT (PT), Cluster TIC SANTE Nouvelle-Aquitaine (FR) and IPCA (PT) – will define a cross-sectoral and transnational methodology to stimulate the transfer of ICT technologies to the Silver Economy market to encourage the replication and sustainability of the ICT4SILVER model to other industrial sectors and to other territorial challenges bearing major market challenges for SUDOE.