Project presentation at AAL 2018 in Bilbao

During the AAL Forum in Bilbao on the 25th of September, the ICT4SILVER Consortium presented a poster about the methodology developed in the project.

The poster spotlights the lessons learned after 2 years of project. Especially, our current line of work for the capitalization of the project. In fact, for the ICT4SILVER consortium, usage study can be a tool that benefits 3 parts of the Silver Economy ecosystem:

  • SME: it helps them identify improvements in their solution
  • Healthcare and social care institutions: it helps them start their digital transition
  • Cluster and institutions: it help them develop a new tool to support the Silver economy ecosystem

The consortium will now focus on this assumption, verify it alongside others actors form the Silver Economy field and define, if verified, a replicable methodology based on it.