Physios Sensing

Physios sensing, a platform developed by Sensing Future (Portuguese company) has been tested in 3 different rehabilitation centers in Spain, France and Portugal.

The platform is an evaluation and exercise tool for elderly people with balance issue. It helps the doctor to make a better assessment of the elderly issues as well as trained him in playful way with games for example.

The objective of the experimentation was to evaluate the user experience and identify what improvements needed to be made for a better platform. The aim was also to define how and with which type of healthcare professionals the platform could be used in the different countries.


The experimentation happened in the 3 following institutions :

  • Hospital Aita Menni in Bilbao, Spain
  • CSSR Les Lauriers, in Lormont, France
  • Rehabilitation Center of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Barcelos, Barcelos, Portugal.


The result of the 3 experimentations will be shared in October with a special focus about the 3 countries different use and to which type of health care professional, the platform can target.