NEW’EE pilot

Participants and environment.

13 users + 5 professionals.


1 Day Care: Nossa Senhora

2 Collective housing: D. Leonor; Santo André.


New’EE + TV + Radio + Microphone and loudspeakers

Test Scenarios

TV room

The objective was to make it possible to listen to the sound of the TV without increasing the volume of the sound in the equipment, avoiding bothering the users without problems.

The caregivers had difficulty installing and configuring the TV. They were unable to configure to output sound through the speakers and simultaneously through the audio output to the New’EE System.

Another problem was to connect the same source (TV) to more than one pillow, or the same transmitter to more than one pillow.

They did not get a comfortable test.

Group activity

In this scenario, the objective is to provide hearing impaired patients with a clear listening of the caregiver’s instructions or reading, without having to speak loudly, bothering the users who listen well and improving the good environment of the activity.

The caregiver uses a small microphone connected to an amplifier that connects to the New’EE transmitter.

One patient used the pillow at a time. The caregiver gave instructions in a lower tone than usual and this was comfortable for all the users.

Final recommendations


  • A transmitter cannot transmit to multiple pilows simultaneously;
  • The TV is muted when the New’EE system is connected;
  • Too many wires for connections;


  • Battery usage (We think there is a version using batteries);

Positive impression:

  • Acceptable time to learn how to use;
  • Suitable for individual use;
  • Comfortable and of the right size;
  • General good quality of the pillow;
  • Sound quality;
  • Easy to use;
  • Recommended to other professionals.