GT1 Cross-sectoral and transnational cross-fertilization for better exploitation of ICT TFE in response to the challenges of the Silver Economy

               GT Leader: IPCA                                                 Period: 07/2016 – 04/2017

The GT1 consists of crossing the needs expressed by the 5 SUDOE regions to overcome the challenges of the Silver Economy (especially in 5 areas of application) thanks to the innovation potential provided by the ICT TFE (Sensors, Software solutions, Big Data, Internet of Things). The objective is to identify 10 packages of solutions to be tested in the short term in real situation among users of the SE

All beneficiaries will be involved in organizing, under the leadership of the GT1 leader, activities with a view to:

  • Mapping the innovative potential of ICT in favor of the Silver Economy (SE) in the 5 project regions, as well as the potential for economic and social valorization of the products / services developed;
  • Formulate the needs in the 5 fields of application contemplated ( health and medical-social, autonomy and permanence in the home, housing and urbanism, transport and mobility, prevention of aging: food, sports and well-being, aging well and health tourism) through round tables with the actors of the regional sectors of the SE.
  • Select ICT TFE that can provide solutions to the needs of the ‘Silver Economy’ (based on the knowledge of the beneficiaries and a call for expressions of interest in the SUDOE territory).

The objective is to obtain a selection of 10 pilot demonstrators to be tested in real situation together with the ‘Silver Economy’ professionals and / or the elderly and the caregivers.


GT2 Launch a transnational network of demonstration platforms and test in real situation 10 pilot demonstrations

GT Leader: GIP AUTONOM’LAB                                          Period: 12/2016 – 10/2018

The GT2 will consist of carrying out the 10 pilot demonstrations (test environment) establishing their common modalities (commitments / obligations) and supporting the development (adaptation / transfer) of the functional solutions that combine several ICT TFE dedicated to the ‘Silver Economy’ and that go to be tested. These functional solutions, integrated by several combined TFE, will be experienced in real situation of use in the living-labs of the beneficiaries or in those experimentation platforms to which the beneficiaries have priority access.

The project partners will offer support to participating SMEs (whether they adapt their ICT TFE to the SE’s applications or integrate innovative ICT TFE in their traditional existing offer) throughout the process. These small companies will not only benefit from living-labs testing environments, in direct contact with users (professionals and seniors), but also from skills, resources (for technological development) and advice from partners

At the end of GT2, the objective will be to obtain a specific offer of innovative products / services, integrated by TFE TIC and destined to the Silver Economy, ready for a commercial launch after having been tested and experienced by the users to whom they are destined in the context of the pilot demonstrators.


GT3 Methodology of enduring and reproducible meta-clustering

GT Leader: Associação TICE.PT                                         Period: 01/2018 – 12/2018

The GT3 will consist in creating a multi-sectorial and transnational inter-clustering methodology, through a benchmark and exchange of good practices between beneficiary clusters, to support regional SMEs and encourage the emergence of collaborative projects for the development of innovative products or services based on ICT TFE for the benefit of the Silver Economy.

The biggest contributors of the GT3 will be the clusters, although the rest of the parners will also participate improving the methodology with its own tools, methods and support for innovation and experimentation.

They will elaborate a presentation guide of the method in which the most transversal elements will be exposed, so that they can be replicated in other industrial sectors and extrapolated to other territories.

The objective will be to obtain a transnational network (meta-cluster) with its corresponding inter-clustering method, which is based on a stable network of clusters, living-labs, technological and experimentation platforms and support structures for innovation dedicated to TEF ICTs applied to the Silver Economy.

This Meta-cluster will relieve the project, once it is finished, to give continuity to its actions and promote the access of regional SMEs to the Silver Economy market in this territory.