What does ICT stand for?

ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology and can be defined as a set of diverse technological tools and resources used to communicate, and to create, disseminate, store, and manage information that allow to interact in the digital world.

To respond to the market opportunities and societal challenges of Silver Economy, ICT4Silver aims to disseminate the generic key technologies (GKT) from Information and Communication Technologies (KGT ICT) through the construction of a Meta Cluster and the establishment of a transnational network of demonstration platforms.

The project will help SUDOE’s SMEs develop solutions integrating ICT technologies (connected objects, remote exchange interfaces, mobility assistance, robotic assistance, intelligent devices and sensors, remote control, etc.) that meet the needs of seniors in specific fields of application: home support, extended autonomy, assistance with transport and mobility, health tourism offers, prevention of aging through food, sport and activities related to the well- being, adaptation of the habitat, development of health and medico-social services specific to seniors.