ICT4SILVER – How to go further in the access to digital solutions by the elderly or healthcare professionals ?

Last 7th of December, ADI, Cluster TIC SANTE and Autonoml’Lab presented during the “Premières rencontres pour continuer à Bien vivre” in Niort, the first ICT4SILVER conclusions.

The event gathered elderly people, representative of public bodies and companies.

The partners insisted on 2 conclusions that are still unresolved today :

  • How to overcome the digital barriers that is a reality nowadays in the use by both elderly and healthcare professionals of digital solutions?
  • How to overcome the limited financials funds in the acquisitions of those solutions?

The ICT4SILVER project share different hypothesis to answer those questions:

  • Use of local actors for outreach and learning to elderly people;
  • Continuing Professional Training for Professional Caregivers
  • Land Use Planning Policy
  • Build a mixed economic model with public funding, health mutual and excess to be paid by elderly.

The partners encourage the representatives to tackle those issues and offer further collaborations to work all together in confirming those hypotheses or find new one.