Dissémination ICT4SILVER  29/11/2018 – BORDEAUX


» The ITHACA project supports 9 European Regions for an exchange of innovative practices in the sector of the active and healthy ageing. It aims mainly at improving the regional policies to support innovative companies, generate some growth and favor on the long term the deployment of innovative solutions in the field of the health and health-care.
This project will also encourage the implementation of innovative health policies and will strengthen the various regional and interregional ecosystems, to the advantage of the European citizens.
To reach these goals the main activity of the project consists in increase the skills and knowledge of the its own ecosystem stakeholders and to bring a small group of delegates of every region to others to learn and share their best practices and be then able to evaluate them. «

Within the framework of this project, a day of field visit to Bordeaux is planned on Thursday, 29/11/2018.

30 people coming from the 9 regions of Europe involved in the project and which will travel to Nouvelle-Aquitaine to see «best practice» and innovations of the region in the field of active and healthy ageing. The idea is to emphasize the collaborative work which exists between the social-economic actors towards the users and their needs facing stay-at-home and well ageing issues.

In this context, we will present the ICT4SILVER project as a » good practice » of support to innovative SMEs towards the European market of the Silver economy.
After a visit in a laboratory of the General Bordeaux Hospital, the delegation will meet in a room so that several innovative initiatives are presented to them. The ICT4SILVER will be one of them.