Focus on Kwido pilot in Portugal.

  About the product


Kwido for caregivers is an application from the company, Ideable Solutions. The Kwido platform allows to store and share health information about patientsKwido for caregivers provides more autonomy in patients’ medical care. Indeed caregivers, nurses and the patient himself can easily integrate health information and share it with doctors to improve efficiency and prevent emergencies in nursing homes and homecare.

Ideable Solutions is a Spanish company, born in 2011, in Bilbao. Within the framework of the project ICT4SILVER, the idea is to get answers about these following subjects:

  • Measure the usability of this solution regarding the needs and work practices of French healthcare professionals
  • See how design and features of the product are used and appreciated by healthcare professionals
  • Collect and observe the impact of this technology in strategies, behavior of the healthcare professionals


When and How

In Portugal, the trial took place within the SCMB (Santa Casa Misericórdia de Barcelos) collective housing during the month of October of 2018. Six professionals took part in the trial, expressing their opinion as the user study went on.

The pilot started with a remote training session provided by the developer, followed by the trial phase, which was divided into 4 separate phases:

  • An initial focus group;
  • A test in a real-life situation;
  • An individual feedback interview with each participant;
  • An assessment focus group (a discussion used to gather comments and user recommendations about marketing aspects).

The professionals started to integrate the use of the system in their routines with current patients.

This pilot delivered the opportunity to capture the feelings of the professionals using the system on their day-to-day professional life and relevant recommendations about the interface, the data persistence and sharing, and the behaviour of the system.

This information is being compiled into a final report.