Focus on EC2MI pilot in Portugal.

About the product

EC2MI is an on-line questionnaire which allows to evaluate the quality of life and quality of care in institutions for dependent elderly. This solution can be use by elderly, their family and the health professionals. The questionnaire integrates the topics of food, leisure, intimacy, clothing which are important to do a complete evaluation.

The institutions obtain, thanks to EC2MI, a better management of their care.

SESOSGI (Servicios Socio Sanitarios Gipuzkoa) is a Basque Spanish company which is delivering medical services, nursing care and other forms of services in hospitals, clinics, and private houses.

Within the framework of the project ICT4SILVER, the idea is to answer questions which worry the company, as:

  • Ease of use
  • Relevance of questions and results

When and How

In Portugal, the trial took place within the SCMB (Santa Casa Misericórdia de Barcelos) collective housing. Five professionals took part in the trial, expressing their opinion as the user study went on.

After a training session and recruiting individuals keen to test the product, the trial phase was divided into 4 separate phases:

  • An initial focus group;
  • A test in a real-life situation during 21 days;
  • An individual feedback interview with each participant;
  • An assessment focus group (a discussion used to gather comments and user recommendations about marketing aspects).

This pilot delivered the opportunity to capture the feelings of the patients about the host institution and the professionals. The participants expressed that it improved the proximity between them.

During the experiment, the focus groups and interviews was collected data to be compiled into a final report.


Pictures of the Focus groups with the professionals and patients, and interview during the test.