Focus on EC2MI pilot in France.

EC2MI is an on-line questionnaire which allows to evaluate the quality of life and quality of care in institutions for dependent elderly. This solution can be use by elderly, their family and the health professionals. The questionnaire integrates the topics of food, leisure, intimacy, clothing which are important to do a complete evaluation.

The institutions obtain thanks to EC2MI, a better gestion of their care.

SESOSGI (Servicios Socio sanitarios Gipuzkoa) is a Basque Spanish company which is delivering medical services, nursing care and other forms of services in hospitals, clinics, and private houses.

Within the framework of the project ICT4SILVER, the idea is to answer questions which worry the company, as:

– Ease of use

– Relevance of questions and results

In France, the pilot was done in an institution for dependent elderly from Bordeaux Hospital, in LORMONT.

The participants were some professionals (3 nurses, psychologist, orderly) who delivered the questionnaire to their patients.


The pilot in France was planned in 3 phases:

A first focus group with the professionals on the 23th of May to present them the solution and to discuss about the following themes:

  • Quality of care in institution
  • Quality of life in institution
  • Evaluation of the quality of care in institution
  • Evaluation of the quality of life in institution

– In a second time, the solution was tested by the participants during 21 days with 5 elderly minimum. We had phone call to know if there were some technical problems. Some individual interviews were done to better know the participants.

– Finally, a second Focus group was organized on the 6th of July at the end of the 21 days of experimentation. It was based on a collective discussion about EC2MI and the experimentation.

The idea was to collect their feelings about the use of the solution and what they could advice to improve it.

We are working actually on the analysis of all data collected to produce a report.