ICT 4 Silver project Workshop organized on 4 December at 9:30 in the GAIA headquarters Bilbao.

Within the framework of the European Project ICT4SILVER, co-financed by the European Cooperation Program INTERREG SUDOE, GAIA-Cluster TEIC, Home Care Lab (Unit of R & D of the Integrated Social Services Group -SSI) and the Technological Center TECNALIA, invite you to know the experience of several local companies that develop products and services that respond to the needs of the Silver Economy market, when it comes to testing their solutions in transnational markets within the SUDOE space. With the application of a pilot methodology and the help of the consortium participating in the project, SMEs have managed to test their technologies in real environments and living labs.

Objectives of the workshop

• Presentation of the ICT4Silver project and the support provided to the participating organizations in the form of pilots and living labs
• Show the experience of companies through their products and participating organizations through living labs to analyze the usefulness of this type of piloting
• Obtaining feedback on the methodology used in the deployment of the pilots and the support provided by the project team, providing possible points of improvement


09: 30h Presentation of the ICT4Silver project: objective, partners and actions carried out
09: 35h Map of SMEs and participating organizations
• In the global project
• In the local environment
09: 45h Pilot methodology through living labs
09: 50h Testimonials about the experiences of participating local SMEs
10: 15h Testimonials about the experiences of participating local organizations
10: 35h Debate about the methodology used and the experience of the companies
11: 10h Video, conclusions and closing

Place Workshop: Paseo Uribitarte, 3, 3rd floor, Quality room (at the end of the corridor), Bilbao.

The event is free but assistance confirmation is requested through this form before December 3rd.

If you need more information you can contact us by phone at 943 31 66 66